How Everyone Practices Self-Hypnosis

A woman practicing self hypnosis.We all do it, even though we don't have much of a clue that we're actually doing it. We're all practicing self-hypnosis as we walk around in our awake state. Every thought you entertain is an auto-suggestion. Now that doesn't mean all these self-suggestions are coming true. You see, some thoughts are more powerful than others. It all depends on the energy you have in relationship to your thoughts and the clarity of your intention. But even when there's not a whole lot of positive energy behind our thoughts, they still can have an impact. That's because one of the more powerful ways we hypnotize ourselves is by repetition. A repeated thought has much more power than a random thought. Did you know that 90-95% of the thoughts you have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. So you're already practicing self-hypnosis in a powerful way. Here's an example of how our waking, self-hypnotizing works.

Day-to-Day Self-Hypnosis

Today I may be thinking about that new computer I want. But how am I thinking about it? Am I focusing on the fact that I don't have the computer. Is my energy low and weak when I have the thought that I don't have the computer. Or am I determined that the computer is mine or is going to be mine. Is my energy strong in relationship to my thoughts about having the new computer? If I feel weak and disempowered in my thoughts and repeat that same energy and those same negative thoughts day in and day out, I'm not likely to see that computer anytime soon. But if my thoughts and energy are strong, clear, and persistent, I'll find a way to get that computer--especially when I repeat those positive thoughts and energy. And thus it is with virtually everything we think about. We're practicing self-hypnosis all the time without realizing it. If I want that new computer, then I better start thinking positively about it.

Formal Hypnosis

In a normal hypnosis or self-hypnosis setting, you become relaxed and focus your mind on what you want to create or change. But you can do the same thing with waking hypnosis. You can teach yourself to have positive and powerful thoughts and feelings in relationship to the things you'd like to create for yourself. You can even practice hypnotherapy on yourself. The most important aspect to becoming effective with waking self-hypnosis is to learn to monitor your thoughts and feelings. If you can become more aware of your thoughts and feelings as you go through your day, it gives you a greater opportunity to have success with waking hypnosis.

Spend a day focusing on watching your thoughts and your feelings. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn about yourself. When I first started monitoring my thoughts, the effort at concentration actually gave me a headache. But with some practice and a little patience, I became fairly adept. All of us are practicing self-hypnosis now. We hypnotize ourselves on a daily basis. So, there's no reason not to become the best waking self-hypnotist you possibly can.

Of course, the easier way to create what you want for yourself is to learn and practice self-hypnosis. A self-hypnosis mp3, like Subconscious Reprogramming, can help you focus positively on the changes you want to make for yourself. For more information on self-hypnosis, visit our home page.

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