How to Use Your Imagination to Strengthen Your Faith

Using your imaginationEver heard the phrase, "A willing suspension of disbelief." It's used in relationship to a novel or movie whose subject matter requires a letting go of the normal constraints imposed by our rational mind. When we watch a movie like Avatar, we're required to let our imagination spread its wings and take us to another planet stocked with fantastical creatures and beings and accept it all as real. And just as it is with self-hypnosis, we have to set aside our rational, conscious mind and let loose our creative, imaginative genius to play and create and have some fun. And while it's important to allow our imagination to roam free in order to enjoy a movie or novel, it's every bit as important to do so in relation to our creative projects. Because lurking around every creative thought we have is that part of our mind that often keeps us from realizing our dreams. Let's call him Doubting Willie, just to give centuries-old Doubting Thomas a break.

Doubting Willie will kill your dreams in an instant of rationality: You can't do that; That's not possible; What in the world were you thinking? You see, Willie's the reigning king of negativity and rational thought. But there is a way to overcome Willie's killjoy nature. In an article I wrote on epigenetics, near the end, I talked about a woman named Nancy who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now, she could have wallowed in self-pity and simply accepted the inevitable. After all, she was told by doctors that she was going to die. But she made another choice. She chose to use her imagination to heal herself.

Every day while sitting in her bath tub, she imagined stars coursing through her body, and each time a star touched a cancer cell, she imagined it would pierce the cell and deflate it, and the water in her tub would then wash away the dead cancer cells. Now, I have no doubt there were moments when wonderful Willie crept into her mind and planted some seeds of doubt. But she persisted for three months and when she went back to the doctor's office, her cancer was gone. She used the power of her imagination to strengthen her faith in her own healing and it worked. Nancy was willing to disbelieve the doctor's prognosis and create her own.

Your subconscious mind will accept your imaginings as real as long as you keep that vision in mind and you accept it as real. And when you use your imagination to raise your level of faith to the point where it surpasses your doubts, your subconscious mind will act on your imaginings to create what you envision.

Often times with our self-hypnosis projects, Doubting Willie will whisper to us that our dream isn't possible or the change we're trying to make isn't going to work. It's simply his habit to do so. But by using our imagination effectively and persistently, we can strengthen our faith and overcome those doubts and realize our dreams. It's very much like the little train who could. Once he crests the hilltop, he moves from the "I think I can" state of mind to the "I know I can" state of mind. And once you learn to use your imagination to build your faith and overcome your doubts, you give yourself the opportunity to see your dreams and desires come to fruition. So remember to use your imagination and never give up on your dreams, because you can do anything you set your mind to doing as long as you have faith.

You also might want to check out my article on visualization. Learning to visualize effectively is an important aspect of success when it comes to self-hypnosis.

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