Hypnosis for Weight Loss

The weight loss industry in the United States brings in billions of dollars each year. Year after year. Half the people I know are following one diet or another. 65% of all Americans are overweight, and despite their efforts at dieting, they continue to put on more pounds each and every year. So what's the answer? According to various research projects, hypnosis has proven to be more effective in helping people lose weight and maintain their weight loss. The following quotes from the findings of some of these research projects gives us a glimpse as to how hypnosis can help with a weight loss program: 

Both hypnosis groups lost an average of 17 pounds in six months. The control group put on half a pound. (Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment--Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986)
109 17-67 year olds completed a behavioral treatment for weight management either with or without the addition of hypnosis. Results show that, at the end of the 9-week program, both interventions resulted in significant weight reduction. However, at 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, the hypnosis subjects showed significant additional weight loss, while those in the behavioral-treatment-only group exhibited little further change. More subjects who used hypnosis also achieved and maintained their personal weight goals. (Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management--Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985)

Hypnosis as a Complement to Behavioral Modification

Most of the studies I've read show that when hypnosis is used as a complement to diet and exercise behavior modification programs, the participants who use hypnosis fare much better than those who don't. But let's be clear. Hypnosis by itself is not an answer to weight loss. Hypnosis should be combined with a comprehensive diet and exercise program developed in consultation with your doctor. In most hypnosis weight loss programs, the role of hypnosis is in helping you to modify your behavior in relationship to eating and exercising. Hypnosis can help with motivation and the development of good eating habits. 

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

When selecting a hypnosis weight loss program to complement your diet and exercise regimen, it's important to find a comprehensive hypnosis program that addresses your specific eating and exercising issues. One of the more highly recommended programs out there is Hypnosis Network's Enjoying Weight Loss. Enjoying Weight Loss is the only hypnosis weight loss program to pass the strict product testing standard of the National Health and Wellness Club. Developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Enjoying Weight Loss is a comprehensive program with over 260 reviews, and it has a full one-year money back guarantee.

If you'd rather tailor your own hypnosis weight loss program, you could select from Hypnosis Downloads collection of weight loss mp3s. They have 22 different weight loss mp3s to choose from. They also have a heavily discounted Weight Loss Hypnosis Pack which includes the ten most common solutions to weight loss problems.

 However you might choose to approach your weight loss solution, keep in mind that your subconscious mind, through hypnosis, can help you eliminate unhealthy eating patterns and replace them with new, healthy patterns than can help you to lose weight and keep it off.

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