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Happy woman who has used EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to let go of negative emotions.What's EFT? EFT is a simple, effective self-help technique that works directly with the body's energy system to help heal emotional problems. It's like acupuncture without the needles. Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping the body's major energy field endpoints while repeating statements that focus on specific emotional problems. It's easy to learn and studies have shown that it's remarkably effective.

How does Emotional Freedom Technique work? In his award winning book Genie in your Genes, Dawson Church (Ph.D.) suggests that "...while your mind is sending a message of danger (when you visualize the event that brings up the negative emotional feelings), your body is getting a conflicting message of safety (by tapping the energy meridian endpoints)." Essentially, a mental image provokes the flight-or-fight response and causes the disruption in your energy field and the associated negative emotional feeling(s), but by gently tapping the energy field endpoints and breathing in a normal rhythm, you stimulate the energy meridians and send a comforting message to your body that you can react in a calm, relaxed way. EFT works by giving you the opportunity to recondition your mind and body to react differently to events that might normally cause a negative reaction within you.

How effective is EFT? In one study involving 5,000 anxiety patients, 76% of those using EFT (an average of 3 times) achieved complete relief of their symptoms and 90% achieved some improvement. In comparison, only 51% achieved complete relief of their symptoms while being given CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) in 15 sessions--CBT is traditionally considered the therapy of choice for anxiety. So EFT was not only far more effective but worked 5 times faster than CBT.

EFT is easy to learn and only takes a few minutes to complete. Below is an explanation of the Hypnotic EFT process and a video.

First Step. Create an Acceptance Statement that describes your specific issue. Keep it short and simple and to the point. Here are some examples: I am terribly shy around women; I am afraid of flying; My boss stresses me out; etc. Each of these examples are short, descriptive statements about a specific issue.

Second Step. Create a Full Acceptance Statement (often referred to as a psychological reversal statement). To create a full acceptance statement, you begin with the phrase "Even though..." followed by your acceptance statement, which is then followed by the phrase, "...I love and accept myself completely." So, if your acceptance statement is "I am terribly shy around women," your full acceptance statement would be, "Even though I am terribly shy around women, I love and accept myself completely."

If you'd like more examples of Acceptance Statements and Full Acceptance Statements, go here.

Third Step. Visualization. Visualize the event or circumstance that brings up the negative emotional feeling you've chosen to work with. It is very important to allow the feeling to come up for you as strongly as possible.

Before going to the fourth and fifth steps, here is a list of the ten energy field endpoints used in the shortcut method. Illustrations of the endpoints can be found here. The shortcut method uses the massaging of the inner wrists to stimulate the four endpoints located in the region of the hands and fingers since each of those energy meridians passes through the wrist area, thus the shortcut method.

Here is a link to an excellent video by Rod Sherwin that illustrates the tapping points for the shortcut method. (Note: I used to house the video on this page, but when I went to a responsive website design, I had all kinds of problems with the video resizing properly, etc.) Thus, the link.

The liver point isn't used in the Hypnotic EFT mp3 because of the difficulty involved for women in locating and tapping that point. Also, it's not generally needed for most issues. However, if you're practicing EFT without using the mp3, you can include the liver point in your practice. I also prefer using two fingers while I'm tapping (index finger and middle finger) except for the Top of the Head, the Collarbone, and the Below the Armpit endpoints (where, like Rod, I use the tips of four fingers).

Fourth Step. Keeping your event or issue in mind, tap the Karate Chop endpoint as you repeat your Full Acceptance Statement. The only time you will be asked to repeat your full acceptance statement is when you are tapping the karate chop end point during each round of EFT.

Fifth Step. Again, as you keep your issue in mind, you'll be asked to tap the remaining nine energy field endpoints as you repeat your Acceptance Statement.

Sixth Step. You'll go through a second round of the EFT procedure.

It doesn't take long to memorize the EFT process, and once you do, you will have a powerful self-help tool at your fingertips that you can utilize to help alleviate emotional issues. If your emotional issue is of a traumatic-based event or circumstance, please see a qualified therapist for assistance.

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