Dream Work - A Sample EFT Script

Dreams can be pleasant and beautiful and inspiring. But they can also be dark and terrifying. Nightmarish. Before I get started, please keep in mind that if you have an emotional fear that is based on a traumatic event or is too frightening for you to deal with on your own, please seek the assistance of a qualified, professional therapist. Use caution and common sense to determine if EFT, or any other self-help tool, is appropriate for you to use for your specific dream issue.

I've been using self-help tools to deal with my personal issues for a very long time. I often use a mix of EFT and self-hypnosis to deal with them. And I've used both to deal with my fear of being attacked that often arise in my dreams.

Where Did My Fears Originate?

Keep in mind, you don't have to know or discover the origin of your fears in order to lessen their impact on your life. But it certainly doesn't hurt. For the most part, my fears originated from my childhood and my relationship with my father. My father was an alcoholic and he would come home drunk about four times a week. Quite often he would be enraged and would take his anger out on my mother. Mostly it was verbal abuse, but on a couple of occasions it was physical abuse. I was concerned about my mother but felt helpless to do anything. I was also terrified that one night he would come into my bedroom and take his anger out on me. I was fifteen by the time my mother had had enough and we left my father. But the damage had been done.

My father was also paranoid and fearful and he passed those fears on to me and my sister. I don't know how many times he would caution us about bad things happening in the bad part of town or warn us about minorities. My father was a bit of a closet racist who thought he was hiding his racism from us. He didn't hide it as well as he thought. I should mention that my father had a good side. He could be very loving. And like a lot of alcoholics he could be very charming. I've never known anyone to be more of a Jeykell/Hyde character than my father.

There was one other event that added to my fear of attack. An actual attack. When I was twenty years old and stationed in Panama in the military, I was stabbed one night while off base. I was in downtown Panama City walking around, a bit inebriated (okay, maybe more than a bit), in the "bad part of town." Three young Panamanians tried to rob me and in the process one of them stabbed me in the chest. Funny thing is, I only had two dollars in my wallet. If only they'd known or asked. When it was over (some people started coming down the street), I was filled with pride that I had somewhat fended them off and they hadn't managed to steal my two dollars. Silly me. And then I noticed the blood and forgot about the two dollars. Yes, I didn't even realize I'd been stabbed. I'm sure it was the numbing effect of the alcohol mixed with a surge of adrenalin. Anyway, collapsed lung and all, I managed to survive. But I'm sure my subconscious mind took note of my father's prophetic warnings: bad part of town, minorities, bad things happening. Great material for nightmares.

The Result

The result was predictable. I had managed to take on my father's paranoia and make it my own. I had developed a pronounced fear of attack. And while I hardly noticed this fear in my waking hours, at night those fears raised their ugly head. My subconscious presented me with a wide assortment of nightly attack dreams. A host of different scenarios and attackers. For a while I thought the dreams would never end. I also suffered from occasional sleep paralysis that included an attack hallucination. I wrote about how I managed to overcome sleep paralysis here. As for my nightly attack dreams, I used a mix of EFT and self-hypnosis to overcome them. 

A little EFT and a Little Self-Hypnosis

If I awakened during the night and couldn't get back to sleep, I'd do the EFT right there and then. Otherwise, I'd do the EFT in the morning when I woke up. Since it only takes a few minutes, it's a great time to do it. Dreams are usually fresh in the mind first thing in the morning. Here's what I did to help eliminate those attack dreams.

Statements - First you have to have an acceptance statement and a full acceptance statement (psychological reversal). If you'd like to get a better feel for acceptance statements, here are some examples. For these dreams, I use a very simple, straightforward acceptance statement: I'm afraid of being attacked. Then the full acceptance statement would be: Even though I'm afraid of being attacked, I am perfectly calm and relaxed. Now I'm ready to begin my visualization.

Visualization - I start by visualizing the attack dream I've had during the night. I visualize the attack and recreate the fearful feeling I had during the attack. Also, if I've had any other recent attack dreams, l add those to my visualization. The most important aspect of the visualization is to recreate the feeling of fear in conjunction with the attack images. Once I've recreated the feeling, I'm ready to begin the EFT tapping.

The Tapping - I begin by tapping the karate chop endpoint as I repeat my full acceptance statement, Even though I'm afraid of being attacked, I am perfectly calm and relaxed. I repeat the statement three times while tapping the karate chop endpoint. Then I begin going through the process of tapping each of the energy field endpoints. As I tap the endpoints, I repeat a shortened version of the acceptance statement: Afraid of attack. You can repeat the acceptance statement in its entirety or use a shortened version like I've done here. As I say, "Afraid of attack," I also visualize the attack as best I can. Not everyone who practices EFT does this, but I find it works well for me. I usually go through 2-3 rounds of tapping.

A little self-hypnosis - At the end of the 2-3 rounds of tapping, I add in a little self-hypnosis. Usually at this point, my emotional reaction to the dreams have lessened. I take 3-4 long, deep breaths and get as relaxed as I can. After I'm relaxed, I smile to myself and focus on the rhythm of my breathing. Then I begin to visualize the attack dream while I continue to smile and breathe. In my visualization, I send a beam of love-light from my heart to my attacker. And in my imagination the love I send always disarms my attacker. This little technique has worked amazingly well for me over the years. By focusing on breathing and smiling and sending some love-light to my attacker, my subconscious mind is recording a different emotional and physical reaction to the dream images. Instead of reacting fearfully to the attack, I am relaxed and peaceful. This sends a signal of safety to my subconscious mind in response to the attack images. And over time, the attack dreams disappeared from my dream world.

A few notes - There were a few occasions when I would find myself lucid (consciously awake) in an attack dream, and I would remember to send the beam of love-light to my attacker. And he would immediately be disarmed and would cease his attack. I imagined and believed that the love-light would disarm my attackers and it did.

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