Self-Hypnosis Insomnia Script: Getting to Sleep

This is a simple, three-step self-hypnosis process designed to help someone get to sleep more easily at night. This script is meant for those who have difficulty falling asleep because of a busy or worrisome mind. If you are looking for something more comprehensive, you might try our insomnia relief mp3: Deep, Sound, Peaceful Sleep. Some people might be able to fall asleep simply by doing step 3.

During this self-hypnosis practice, please breathe in and out through your nose.

Step 1. Begin by counting your breaths, counting up to five seconds on the inhale and from five down to one on the exhale. Five seconds is just a general guideline. Choose whatever length of time is most comfortable for you. And during each outbreath, allow yourself to relax deeply and let go. Do this for about 2-3 minutes or until you feel fairly relaxed. This first step should help you focus your mind away from your thoughts and worries.

Step 2. Once you feel pretty relaxed, begin repeating to yourself the phrase: “All my thoughts and worries are melting away like snow on a warm spring day.” Repeat this statement five times as you visualize a patch of snow on a roof melting quickly away on a warm, sunny, spring day.

Step 3. Now, focus all your attention on your breathing. And on each inbreath, imagine that the very air you are breathing is a powerful, relaxing sedative. And with each inhale, you take this powerful sedative deep within your lungs. And with each exhale, this sedative is carried from your lungs by your body's bloodstream to every part of your body, in the same way oxygen is carried throughout your body when you breathe. And with each breath, you become more and more relaxed as you drift into a peaceful, sound sleep.

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