Self-Hypnosis Script: I Am a Non-Smoker

This free script will likely require some tweaking from you to suit your specific needs.

Before you begin your quit smoking hypnosis endeavor, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Get all the help you can from your friends and family, but most importantly from yourself. Let people know you are quitting and ask for their support. And there are ways in which you can help yourself. For instance, if there are situations in which you have always loved to have a smoke (like when having a drink with friends), make sure for the first few weeks of your stop-smoking program that you stay away from those situations completely. Then when you’re feeling strong and confident that you are a non-smoker, gradually work those situations back into your life.

Part 1. Once you have reached a deeply relaxed state, begin by alternately repeating the affirmations, “I am a non-smoker” and “I love being a non-smoker,” several times. Repeat these affirmations with a relaxed yet firm confidence and conviction. Then, visualize yourself toward the end of some type of challenging aerobic workout that requires good lung capacity. Could be a hike in the mountains or in a beautiful country setting; you could be finishing a tennis match or jogging along the beach. Choose an aerobic activity you enjoy but have had some difficulty doing because of your smoking habit. Feel your heart beating strongly and your lungs clear, clean, and healthy. And as you picture yourself finishing the activity, take a deep, clean, refreshing breath, feeling better and more fit than you ever have in your life. And feel a deep sense of gratitude toward yourself for having become a non-smoker. Thank yourself and do so with a sincere feeling of gratitude.

Part 2. In this section, you will be informing your subconscious of your powerful desire to be a non-smoker. The goal here is to overcome your historical desire to smoke by letting your subconscious know just how much you desire to be a non-smoker. Again, begin by repeating the affirmations, “I am a non-smoker” and “I love being a non-smoker,” several times with confidence and conviction. Then, repeat to yourself your motivational reasons for quitting smoking and add an appropriate visualization. Here are a couple of examples: “I am a non-smoker. I choose to be healthy and happy and live a long life.” Then visualize yourself in the future, still being a non-smoker and feeling great about yourself. Another possible motive might be in setting a good example for your children. It might go something like this: “I love being a non-smoker. I am a positive role model for my children.” Visualize your children being proud of you for having quit smoking and feel a great sense of pride in yourself for having set a good example for your kids. Another possible motivation might be in simply feeling good about yourself or feeling yourself to be more attractive to others as a non-smoker. In order to get your subconscious mind to go along with your choice to quit smoking, you have to convince the subconscious that your desire is real and is more powerful than your old historical desire to smoke. So, it’s important for you to be clear about your motivations for quitting and then pass along that information to your subconscious. Remember, the subconscious is the realm of your emotions and your imagination, and it’s important to understand that and use that knowledge.

Part 3. In this last section, you will train your subconscious to assist you in those moments when you experience strong impulses to light up. Every smoker has those moments when the desire to smoke is at its strongest level. Could be after a meal or after lovemaking. Could be first thing in the morning. Could be at moments when you feel stressed out. Could be when you’re having a drink. So first, identify those times when you have the strongest impulse to have a cigarette. Now, after you have finished Part 2 from above, visualize yourself in those situations where you are most likely to light up and picture yourself choosing not to have a cigarette and repeat the phrases “I am a non-smoker” and “I love being a non-smoker.” Notice how powerful you feel when you choose not to have a cigarette. Really feel that sense of personal power as you visualize yourself choosing not to have a cigarette. You can be so powerful when you choose to be. Really get across that sense of confidence and power to your subconscious in this section. Know that you are a non-smoker.

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