Self-Hypnosis Script: Improving Self-Confidence

The Improving Self-Confidence hypnosis script is designed to help you improve your confidence by learning to focus on the skills and abilities that you excel at and on the personal traits that reflect the best parts of who you are. Perhaps the greatest difference between confident people and people who lack confidence is the focus they place on the positive aspects of themselves. People who lack confidence often focus on the negative aspects of themselves, and when they compare themselves to others, they find themselves coming up short. So this script will help you to focus upon and appreciate your positive traits.

Begin with a relaxation exercise to help you relax. You might try a fractional relaxation exercise. Start by breathing deeply for several breaths and then focus on relaxing the different parts of your body. Start by relaxing your scalp, your forehead, your eyes, your jaw, etc.

Once you're relaxed, think about something you do well and allow yourself to feel good about that thing. It doesn't matter what it is; it could be a particular sport, math, making friends, selling something, great taste in clothes, compassion for others, art, cooking, and on and on. See yourself doing this thing and allow yourself to feel good about it. And go ahead and smile. And appreciate the fact that you're really good at this thing, and understand that not everyone is as good at this thing as you are. They might be good at some things, but maybe not as good as you are at this thing. And allow a feeling of confidence to begin to grow within you. And it's all right for you to feel some pride as well.

And now think of something else that you do well. Something that you're better at than a lot of people. And allow your appreciation of yourself to grow and get bigger. Feel this appreciation growing inside you. And now think of a third thing, maybe it's kindness or thoughtfulness or charity. A personal trait that helps define who you are. And notice how this good feeling is now permeating your entire being. And allow yourself to enjoy that feeling for a while.

After allowing yourself to feel good about yourself for a while, see yourself at some kind of social gathering. And bring those good feelings with you. Notice how natural it feels to feel good about yourself, to appreciate yourself, to feel relaxed and confident--because you understand that like everyone else at that social gathering, there are things that you excel at. And you don't feel any need to let others know about those things that you do well because it's enough that you know.

You should repeat this exercise and continue to focus on the things that you do well for at least a month or two, until the positive thoughts about yourself begin to push aside and overwhelm the old, negative self-perception.

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