Self-Hypnosis Script: Overcoming Impatience

This free self-hypnosis hypnotherapy script is a simple, easy script to help overcome impatience.

Begin by visualizing an event or circumstance that causes you to become impatient.

Then, as you breathe in a normal, relaxed rhythm, repeat (five times) an acceptance statement that reflects your acceptance of your impatience issue. The statement should go something like this: Even though I'm impatient with my employees, I love and accept myself completely.

Your accepting and taking responsibility for your impatience and also choosing not to judge yourself about the issue. This makes it much easier to let go of your impatient behavior and replace it with a more appropriate behavioral pattern.

After repeating the acceptance statement five times, spend the next minute or so being conscious of your breathing. Focus all your attention on your breathing and allow yourself to become more and more relaxed.

Then, re-visualize the same situation that brings your impatient reaction; only this time imagine yourself remaining calm, relaxed, and thoughtful. Able to deal with the situation calmly and effectively.

You'll likely have to repeat this self-hypnosis exercise a minimum of two weeks to see any kind of real improvement with your impatience issue. The longer you work with your issue, the greater your chance for success.

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