Self-Hypnosis Script: Movie Theatre Past Life Regression

I tried this hypnosis regression idea on a relative of mine many years back. And it worked quite well. He went into a past life and had a vivid experience. So without further ado, here is a movie theatre regression technique. Before you begin, you'll want to use an induction technique to get you relaxed enough for your session. Counting back slowly from 100 to 1 in synchronization with your breath till you begin to lose count is an effective technique. Once you're in a deeply relaxed state, you're ready to begin. And by the way, this self-hypnosis script is strictly a visualization session. So if you'd like to learn to visualize more effectively, you might want to visit our visualization tips article.

Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre all alone. You have a remote in your hands that controls the movie screen. This remote has forward and back buttons, along with a red button. Understand very clearly that the back button will take you back into a past life which will appear on the movie screen. If you hit the back button once, it will take you back to your most recent past life incarnation. If you were to hit the button three times, it would take you back three lifetimes ago. And you can go back as far as you like.

Once you hit the back button (however many times), a scene from the past life you've chosen will appear on the screen. View your past life from a detached viewpoint. Simply observe the past life scenes as they appear on the screen. If a scene disturbs you, your remote also has a red button that when pressed will stop the past life viewing and replace it with a soft, white glow on the screen. This soft, white glow will help you to relax and feel at peace. When you're finished with your past life regression experience, count up slowly from one to five and open your eyes at the count of five.

For best results, write down a simple outline of the instructions on a piece of paper and review that piece of paper thoroughly several times before beginning a session (this focuses your subconscious mind on what you're doing and gives it instructions). You also might want to draw a picture of your remote with the forward and back buttons and the red button. Your outline might look something like this:

Past Life Regression

Remote with forward and back button and red button (imagine it in your mind).

Back button takes me back to a past life, one click for each past life going backwards.

Red button stops past life scenes and replaces screen with relaxing soft, white glow.

Always remain detached from the past life scenes.

When you're ready to come back, count up slowly from one to five and open your eyes.

Give this at least a couple weeks. You'll need to train your subconscious mind to take you back into past lives.

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