Self-Hypnosis Script: Sell Your Home

When I first got into hypnosis, we were trying to sell our home and having great difficulty doing so. Our home had been on the market for a year and we hadn't had any offers. Not even a nibble. It was a great home and many who came to our open houses said so. I'd tried making a self-hypnosis script for myself at the beginning, but to no avail. So, why no offers? The thoughts (concerns) of my rational mind were easily canceling out my positive thoughts about selling the house. My doubts and concerns about the house were overwhelming me. I was worried about the roof (needed a little work), the furnace was old though still working fine, and we lived on a fairly busy street. I was focusing on negative thoughts rather than on positive thoughts about selling the house. After a year of futility, I was reading Dr. Joseph Murphy's book on The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, certainly one of the best self-help books I've ever read, and I found a script in the book for selling a home. One thing I discovered was that my main fear was that whoever bought our home wouldn't be happy with it. But the script I found relieved all my concerns. And after I tweaked the script a little, I began practicing self-hypnosis with it and two weeks later we had an offer and sold the home. Here is the "tweaked version" of that script.

My powerful subconscious attracts to me the perfect buyer for our home. This is a buyer who wants our home and will prosper in it. My powerful subconscious mind is attracting this buyer to us just as the powerful subconscious mind of the buyer is guiding them toward us. This buyer is sent to us by the Creative Level of my mind which makes no mistakes. This buyer may look at other homes, but our home is the one this buyer wants. Our home is the perfect home for this buyer; the only home they want. I know the buyer is right, the time is right, and the price is right. The deeper levels our subconscious minds are bringing us together, and we will both prosper.

Then I added a visualization. I imagined myself walking out into the front yard, pulling the For Sale sign from the ground, walking around to the backyard where I placed the sign in the tough shed and said aloud, "Thank you for having served me, but I don't need you any longer." And I'd feel a great deal of relief every time I imagined this scene.

And on the day we struck a deal with the buyer, I fulfilled my visualization and put the For Sale sign in the tough shed. The phrase, "a buyer who wants our home and will prosper in it," is what sealed the deal for me. I believed that we were finding a buyer who would truly prosper in our home and be happy that they had bought it. We struck a deal on repairing a portion of the roof and everything proceeded smoothly. I repeated this script two to three times a night along with the visualization. In large part, this script worked because it helped me to let go of my fears. I can't express just how important it is to let go of negative thoughts when you're trying to create something for yourself or trying to make a change.

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