Self-Hypnosis Scripts: Relax in Social Settings

The Relax in Social Settings hypnosis script is designed to help you let go of fears and anxieties in relationship to social settings. This script utilizes visualizations to help reprogram your subconscious mind as to how you would prefer to react in any social environment. (We've created a similar script about being relaxed in social settings in our tutorial section. If you'd like to learn how to create your own self-hypnosis script, check out our page on Writing Your Own Self-Hypnosis Script.)

Spend a few minutes breathing deeply, and during each exhale image a powerful wave of relaxation traveling through your body, relaxing every nerve and muscle from your head all the way down to your toes. Three or four minutes of this and you should be quite relaxed and ready to begin visualizing.

The first visualization involves imagining a past experience in which you felt anxiety in a social setting. And as you visualize the experience, you'll alternate tapping your upper thigh area with the tips of your fingers (this is an energy alignment technique) as you repeat a psychological reversal statement. You'll tap your right thigh with the tips of your fingers on your right hand and tap your left thigh with the tips of your fingers on your left hand. Remember to alternate the tapping in a rhythmic pattern (left, right, left, right...) with about a half second interval between taps. Your psychological reversal statement will go something like this, "Even though I get anxious at parties, I love and accept myself completely." Fit the statement to suit your specific anxiety or fear. Keep it short, simple and descriptive. Make sure to always keep the "I love and accept myself completely" part of the statement. So, in review, visualize the past experience, alternate tapping your thighs, and repeat your psychological reversal statement. Do this for 1-2 minutes.

Before beginning the second visualization, repeat the relaxation exercise. Once you're fully relaxed, again, visualize the same experience that you just visualized (no tapping this time). Only this time, reimagine the experience. See yourself acting and feeling exactly the way you would prefer to act in that type of social setting. If you want to be calm and confident in that setting, then be calm and confident in your visualization. And if you like, you can add an affirmation statement, something like this, "I am always calm, relaxed and confident." Do this visualization for 1-2 minutes.

And you can add a third visualization. This time imagine a future social gathering and see yourself, again, being perfectly calm and confident. And if you like, add the same affirmation statement.

Whatever your anxiety or fear might be, you should repeat these visualizations for at least a few weeks. The more often you visualize this event, the more the new memory will sink into your subconscious and replace the old memory. It's extremely important for you to keep in mind that your subconscious mind treats all your imaginings/visualizations as real. These visualizations are designed to eventually replace the old memories and behavioral patterns.

For tips on visualization, go here. You might also check out the self-hypnosis mp3, Hypnotic EFT, which is designed to help you change emotional patterns/issues.

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