Hypnotic Convincers: Balloon Rising

This is a fairly common hypnosis convincer that entails suggesting that there are some helium balloons attached to a finger of a subject and that the subject's hand and arm are growing so light and heavy, that the balloons are causing the subjects hand and arm to rise up.

Balloon Convincer

Go ahead now and raise your right arm up in front of you till it is parallel to the floor. And notice how perfectly relaxed your arm and hand and fingers feel. Notice a pleasant and powerful feeling of relaxation flowing from your shoulder down into your arm and all the way down into your hand and fingers. And feel your hand become so light and relaxed and airy. Growing lighter and lighter by the second. (pause 5 seconds) Your arm and hands and fingers are feelings so incredibly light now.

And imagine now that a string is attached to your index finger, and on the other end of that string is a bouquet of helium-filled balloons. And those balloons are causing your hand to lift higher and higher, very quickly now, till your hand and arm and fingers are pointing straight up in the air.

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