Hypnosis Deepeners: Candle Flame

The Candle Flame Deepener is a hypnosis/self-hypnosis deepener that utilizes visualization and eye fixation to help focus the mind and simulate going to sleep. The subject should already be in a nice trance state with eyes closed before beginning this deepener.

Candle Flame Deepener

Picture the flame of a candle right in the center of the space between your eyebrows. And watch closely as the flame dances and flickers. And you just may notice that the muscles of your eyelids are trembling ever so slightly. Just make sure to keep your eyelids shut tight as you watch the dancing flame. (pause 7 seconds)

Go ahead and lower your eyes and allow yourself to relax deeply. (pause 10 seconds)

And once more, raise your eyes upwards and watch the dancing flame, and this time notice the various colors of the flame. (pause 7 seconds)

And lower your eyes and relax as deeply as you possibly can.

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