Hypnotic deepeners: Counting Your Breaths

Counting your breaths is an effective hypnosis/self-hypnosis deepener. And when combined with a fractional relaxation and an arm and leg convincer, this technique can be an effective method for reaching a deep hypnotic state. This deepener comes from our Quiet Mind Meditation mp3.

Counting Your Breaths

So now, to get started, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. In a moment, I'm going to ask you to begin a simple, deep breathing practice, during which you will breathe slowly and evenly. Five seconds on the inhale, counting the seconds as you draw your breathe in, then hold for a moment, and exhale for five seconds, again, counting your breaths as you make sure to empty out all the air from your lungs. Then pause for a moment and repeat.

And as you breathe, follow the journey of your breath and notice how your stomach gently rises and falls with each breath.

By focusing on your breathing, and following the journey of your breath, your thinking mind begins to slow down, and the part of your mind that is pure, conscious awareness begins to come forward and become highly focused.

So, go ahead now and begin to breathe deeply and count your breaths. Five seconds on the inhale, then pause, and five seconds on the exhale, and pause again, then repeat. And remember on each exhale to make sure to empty out all the air from your lungs.

And as you breathe, allow yourself to relax more deeply with each breath.

Over the course of time, as you practice this meditation, you can always choose to take longer, deeper breaths. Just make sure that your breaths are always easy and comfortable, and that you keep your inbreaths and outbreaths the same length. (pause 15 seconds)

There are many wonderful benefits associated with breathing deeply. Deep breathing helps you to calm down and relax--which helps to reduce stress.

Deep breathing also increases the levels of oxygen in your blood which has an incredibly calming effect on your mind. Soothing the mind and bringing with it an amazing feeling of serenity. A calm, quiet feeling that becomes more profound with every breath you take.

Notice on your next exhale, just how relaxed the muscles of your neck and shoulders are. Notice how smooth and loose those muscles feel. (pause 8 seconds)

And you might also notice, just how deeply relaxed the muscles of your arms and legs are.

Notice, how they're becoming more deeply relaxed by the moment. So deeply relaxed, so heavy, that even if you wanted to, you'd have difficulty moving them.

It's amazing how quickly and easily you can relax your mind and body, simply by breathing in a deep, rhythmic pattern.

On your next outbreath, send a powerful wave of relaxation through your body from your head all the way down to your toes, relaxing all nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and penetrating and relaxing every bone in your body.

You can stop counting your breaths now. And relax your mind even further.

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