Hypnotic Deepeners: Fractional Relaxation and Deep Breathing

This hypnosis/self-hypnosis deepener blends two common induction techniques, fractional relaxation and deep breathing. Fractional relaxation is an induction technique that involves relaxing different parts of the body, one area at a time. When you combine them, it can create a powerful hypnotic effect.

Fractional Relaxation and Deep Breathing

Go ahead, right now, and take a deep, calm, relaxing breath. And as you exhale, sigh deeply and take yourself to a new and deeper level of relaxation. (pause 7 seconds).

Breathing deeply is one of the easiest and most effective ways to relax. So begin now to slow down your breath, and breathe deeply, measuring your breaths so that your inhale and exhale are of the same length. And for the next several breaths, focus your mind on your breathing. (pause 10 seconds).

Continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically, and allow your body to relax, and let any tension stored in the muscles of your body to melt away like snow on a warm spring day. Melting quickly and easily.

Notice your jaw area become loose and limp and completely relaxed. And relax your mouth. And your tongue. And your teeth.

And notice how any remaining tightness left in the muscles of your body is melting rapidly away. Loosening up those muscles from your head all the way down to your toes. Notice your neck and shoulders relaxing so quickly, so easily. And your shoulders and arms. Your chest and upper back. And your abdominal area. Your hips and pelvis. Your thighs. Your knees. Your calf muscles, and down to your feet and toes.

And on your next outbreath, relax your whole being. (pause 6 seconds)

It feels so wonderful, to relax your mind and body.

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