Hypnotic Deepeners: Gentle Mist

This hypnosis/self-hypnosis deepener comes from the Stop Biting Nails Now mp3 and uses the imagination of a subject to frame a fractional relaxation technique.

Gentle Mist

Now, it's time to relax as deeply as you possibly can. Go ahead and take a deep breath. And as you exhale, sigh deeply and let go of any remaining tightness in the muscles of your body. The more relaxed and focused you become, the more your subconscious mind comes to the forefront in a heightened state of awareness, highly sensitive, and ready to receive and act on all the powerful ideas and instructions given to you.

Imagine now that a light, gentle mist is descending upon you, enveloping your whole being, saturating you with a pleasant, calm feeling. So relaxing, so soothing. Allowing and causing an amazing level of calmness and serenity to penetrate and soothe every muscle and fiber of your body. And any time you turn your awareness to any specific area of your body, this feeling of calmness and complete relaxation deepens even further.

So, turn your awareness, now, to your jaw area, and feel the muscles of your jaw become totally relaxed as the mist penetrates and soothes every fiber and muscle of your jaw area. Feel your jaw go slack with relaxation.

And now focus your awareness on the back of your neck and shoulders, and feel the soothing mist penetrate and saturate and massage every muscle in your neck and shoulders. As you feel your muscles becoming loose and limp.

Notice how calm and relaxed you feel. And notice how the calming mist now penetrates the muscles of your arms, and hands, and fingers. Perfectly relaxing every muscle and fiber.

And relaxing your chest and upper back muscles, relaxing each and every muscle in those areas. Relaxing them, so deeply.

And down to your abdomen, calming and soothing all the organs, muscles, and tissues in those areas, and feel the mist penetrate your hips and pelvic area, so calming and relaxing. And further down to your thighs, and to your knees, down to your calves, and all the way down, into your feet, and toes.

Now, feel yourself floating peacefully, as you surrender to your very own perfect calmness and serenity.

Your subconscious mind is so ready now, so sensitive, so impressionable, and because your subconscious mind is so ready, and because the instructions you are about to receive are so beneficial for you, that all these instructions you are about to be given will sink so deeply into your subconscious mind, that nothing can ever change them.

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