Tests for Suggestibility: Hand Clasp Test

In this fairly common test to see how well a subject follows suggestions, you begin by asking the subject to place their arms and hands in front of them with the flat of their palms together facing each other. Then you have them interlock their fingers.

Hand Clasp Test

Once their fingers are interlocked, you give them suggestions that their hands are so tightly clasped together, that no matter how hard they try, they cannot possibly pull them apart. You then give them a few more suggestions as to how tightly their hands are locked together before you eventually suggest to them that they actually try to pull their hands apart but find that their hands are so tightly clasped together they can't possibly pull them apart. And if they are unable to pull them apart, as is often the case, you know that they are in a deep enough trance that they will likely follow all the positive suggestions they are given.

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