Tests for Suggestibility: Heavy Arm Test

This is another test designed to help determine the suggestibility level of a hypnosis subject. In this test you give suggestions to the subject that their arm is growing so heavy that no matter how hard they try, they could not possibly lift their arm.

Heavy Arm Test

Once a subject has been given suggestions for relaxation, you begin the suggestibility test:

Notice that your right arm is becoming so relaxed and heavy; so relaxed and heavy, that even if you wanted to move your arm, you'd have difficulty doing so. As a matter of fact, your arm is growing heavier and heavier by the moment. It's just amazing how heavy your arm is becoming. And with each second that passes, your arm becomes exponentially heavier. (pause 5 seconds) And you just don't have the strength to lift that arm of yours. You arm is so heavy now, that even if you wanted to, you couldn't possibly lift it. (pause 5 seconds)

Go ahead and try and lift your arm, and find that your arm is so heavy, you can't possibly lift it.

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