Tests for Suggestibility: Heavy Eyelid Test

This suggestibility test, the Heavy Eyelid Test, is also know as Eye Catalepsy. You give the subject a double bind. You ask a hypnosis subject to close their eyes so tight that they couldn't open their eyes even if they wanted to. After reinforcing this suggestion several times, you ask them to try to open their eyes even though their eyes are shut so tight that opening them would be impossible.

Heavy Eyelid Test

Once a subject is reasonably relaxed, you begin the test:

Notice, as you continue to become more and more deeply relaxed, that your eyelids are growing very tired and becoming so heavy. And it feels so good to allow your eyes and eyelids to relax even more. And the more you relax your eyes, the tighter shut they become. But that's alright, because it feels so good. Just allow yourself to relax more and more and let your eyes grow heavier and heavier. And notice how good if feels for your eyes to feel so relaxed and heavy. (pause 5 seconds) And now, your eyelids are becoming so heavy, it's as if someone has glued them shut. Find that your eyes are now shut tight as a drum. And even if you wanted to, you wouldn't be able to open them. But that's okay. (pause 5 seconds)

Go ahead and test your eyes and try to open them and find that it's absolutely impossible to open your eyes.

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