Hypnotic Deepeners, Convincers and Suggestibility Tests

The following is a collection of hypnosis techniques and exercises used to help hypnotherapists and hypnotists with their clients. Anyone who practices self-hypnosis can use these techniques as well. Included are convincers, deepeners, tests for suggestibility, and some relaxation exercises. And there are more self-hypnosis techniques which you can find here.


Balloon Convincer
Magnetic Hand


Relaxing Your Tongue
Starry Night
Fractional Relaxation and Deep Breathing
Gentle Mist
Counting Your Breaths
Candle Flame
Meadow Staircase

Tests for Suggestibility

Hand Clasp Test
Heavy Arm Test
Heavy Eyelid Test

Relaxation Exercises and Techniques

Breathing Consciously
Rhythmic Breathing

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