Hypnosis Deepeners: Meadow Staircase

The Meadow Staircase Deepener is a hypnosis deepener designed to give the impression to the subconscious mind of going down ever deeper and relaxing even more with each step. Staircase deepeners are very common because guided meditations help to generate deeper brainwaves states.

Meadow Staircase Deepener

Imagine yourself at the top of a staircase. This staircase leads to a beautiful forest meadow. A natural place of great tranquility and peace. And you're so ready now to experience peace and calmness within yourself and within your life. Notice at the foot of the stairs, an incredibly comfortable lounger just waiting for you. And there are only ten steps between you and the lounger and the feeling of peace you want to experience. In a moment I'm going to count from ten down to one, and with each count, you'll take a step down toward your goal, relaxing more with each step.

Ten... Going down and feeling so relaxed.

Nine... Feeling so relaxed and calm

Eight... Going deeper and deeper down.

Seven... More relaxed with each step.

Six... Getting closer now.

Five... More and more relaxed.

Four... Feel all your problems just melting away.

Three... Deeper down.

Two... So incredibly calm and relaxed.

And one... All the way down now.

And seat yourself on the lounger and feel more deeply relaxed than ever before.

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