Hypnotic Deepeners: Relaxing Your Tongue

I use this deepener in the self-hypnosis induction, Creative Temple of Mind. This deepener helps to focus the subject's mind by asking them to focus their awareness on the tongue with each inbreath and relaxing the tongue on each outbreath. Later, the subject is asked to relax different parts of the body at the same time that he/she is relaxing their tongue.

Relaxing Your Tongue

And continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically, and for the next little while, with each inbreath, focus your awareness on your tongue, and with each outbreath, relax your tongue completely. The simple act of focusing your awareness on your tongue and relaxing your tongue helps your mind to become more focused, and helps to bring your powerful subconscious mind to the forefront.

And you can notice, that as your tongue becomes more deeply relaxed with each passing breath, your whole body relaxes. on your next outbreath, as you relax your tongue, relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders. And feel a deep, pervasive relaxation penetrate the muscles of your neck and shoulders.

Relaxing your tongue not only helps you, to relax deeply, but also helps you clear your mind so you can become more focused on what's really important, which is creating what you choose to create for yourself.

By quieting your mind, all levels of your mind become highly focused and integrated, which allows you to create more effectively and more powerfully.

On your next outbreath, as you relax your tongue, relax the muscles in your arms, and allow that relaxation to spread all the way down to your hands and fingers...

After a few more suggestions to relax various parts of the body at the same time as they relax their tongue, the subject is told that they can stop relaxing their tongue. By this time they should be quite relaxed and focused.

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