Hypnotic Deepeners: Starry Night

This hypnotic deepener helps to simulate going to sleep (by raising the eyes upward) and also tires the eyes a bit to help someone relax deeper. This deepener comes from the self-hypnosis induction, Incredibly Relaxed. Great for hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Starry Night

And imagine that the top of your head is an open bedroom window. And if you were to look out that window, what you would see is a night sky filled with brilliant, shimmering stars. Go ahead right now, and raise your eyes upward, keeping your eyelids shut tight, and look out that window at the top of your head, and imagine a night sky filled with beautiful clusters of countless stars. And you just may notice as you do this, that the muscles of your eyelids tremble ever so slightly. (pause 5 seconds)

You can lower your eyes now. And allow all the muscles in your eyes and eyelids to relax. It feels so wonderful, to relax your eyes as completely and as deeply as you possibly can. Just breathing and relaxing, breathing and relaxing. (pause 5 seconds) And letting all your cares and worries just melt away. (pause 5 seconds)

And as you relax ever deeper, take another look through the window at the top of your head and notice the incredible expansiveness of the milky way galaxy, billions upon billions of shinning stars in spectacular array. (pause 5 seconds)

Go ahead and lower your eyes. And relax all the muscles in your eyes and eyelids.

And allow this wonderful feeling of relaxation to penetrate your mind, deeply saturating your mind with wave upon wave of ever-deepening relaxation.

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