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Perfectly Calm and RelaxedThe Perfectly Calm and Relaxed self-hypnosis mp3 uses a simple energy alignment technique in conjunction with hypnosis to help calm stress-related emotions.

This is achieved by learning to be in acceptance of your emotional reactions. Throughout the mp3, hypnotic suggestions are given to you to help you access a calm, relaxed state. Once you're calm and relaxed, you'll use "Visual Reprogramming" to imagine yourself being who you choose to be in the specific situation you've chosen to work with. This helps to create a new pattern of behavior in relationship to your issue.

What follows below is essentially what will be asked of you during your hypnosis session. So it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process. Also, by following the guide below, you will learn how to create "acceptance statements" as well as "full acceptance statements."

Step one: You'll be asked to visualize a stress-related issue you'd like to work with. Visualizing the issue will help to bring up the associated emotional reaction (upset, anxiety, etc.). It's important to allow yourself to feel the emotion fully.

Step two: Create an "acceptance statement" that reflects your stress-related issue and its accompanying feelings. Here are a few examples: I get nervous when I go out on a date; deadlines at work stress me out; I get nervous and anxious when I take tests. Keep it short and simple and to the point. Your acceptance statement should define your issue and the stress-related feelings that arise with your issue. During your hypnosis session, you'll be asked to repeat this statement as you keep your issue in mind.

Step three: After repeating your acceptance statement for thirty seconds, you'll add the phrase, "and it's perfectly okay for me to feel that way." You might think of this as a "full acceptance statement." So if your acceptance statement is, "Deadlines at work stress me out," your full acceptance statement would be, "Deadlines at work stress me out, and it's perfectly okay for me to feel that way." This technique is sometimes referred to as psychological reversal. You'll be asked to repeat the new version of your acceptance statement for an additional thirty seconds.

Step four: At a later point in the session, you'll be asked to again visualize the situation; only this time, you'll imagine yourself reacting to the situation differently (in the way you'd prefer to act), thereby implanting a new memory in your subconscious mind. Over time this new memory will replace the old pattern of behavior.

This process is easy to learn and practice. For this mp3 to be effective, you'll need to listen to it for a minimum of a few weeks. The amount of time will vary according to how deeply ingrained your stress-related issue is. The more often you listen to Perfectly Calm and Relaxed, the more likely you are to learn to be calm and relaxed in a variety of situations.

This mp3 is not designed or intended to be used to deal with traumatic-based issues. Please find a qualified therapist in such cases.

The background music for Perfectly Calm and Relaxed is the soothing and relaxing Ebb Pool from Chestnut Mills. This mp3 runs a bit under 19 minutes in length and is a 17MB file. Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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