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Creative Temple of MindCreative Temple of Mind allows you to use your imagination to bring your mind into alignment with the creative energy of the universe. The same energy that is behind the movement of all creation. You can choose to call it what you like: The power of God, the power of the universe, zero point energy, the matrix, the force, etc. Imagine it as you like.

Once you've achieved a deeply relaxed state, you'll see yourself on the beach of a beautiful tropical island. There you'll envision your very own "Creative Temple of Mind." Inside, you'll travel down a hallway that leads to a special room, a room filled with creative energy. Once inside you will merge your mind with the creative energy of the Universe. Then you will direct this energy to create whatever it is you choose to create or change.

If you're good at visualizing, then this can be an effective tool for your self-hypnosis projects. The induction allows you five minutes for self-suggestions and visualizations. Like to get better at visualizing? You might want to read our Visualization Tips to Improve Your Hypnosis Skills article.

The Creative Temple of Mind mp3 self-hypnosis induction download is 18 minutes long. Background music is Echoes of Atlantis from Chestnut Mills. Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products. If you chose the EZ Super Bundle, you can get all three self-hypnosis inductions (a $44.85 value) along with all of our hypnosis and hypnotherapy mp3s for just one low price of $19.95. Fourteen mp3s in all.

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