The EZ Super Bundle - All 14 Self-Hypnosis Mp3s for $19.95

14 Self-Hypnosis Mp3sThis is the best deal we've ever offered. You can still buy any of our self-hypnosis inductions or hypnosis/hypnotherapy mp3s individually. They run from $9.95 to $14.95. But if you are interested in more than one mp3, you can purchase our EZ Super Bundle for $19.95. The total value of our 14 mp3s is $194.30. That's a savings of $174.35. You can download them all or just the ones you'd prefer to listen to. That's all 14 of our mp3s for just $1.43 per mp3. At some point, the price of this bundle will be going up. Right now, it's a pretty incredible deal. You'd be hard pressed to find a better value on the web.

Below is a list of all 14 mp3s. To learn more about any of our mp3s, just click on the mp3 product link to go to that mp3's product page. There you'll find the full description for that mp3 product. You can also purchase the EZ Super Bundle on any of our product pages.

Self-Hypnosis Induction mp3s:

Creative Temple of Mind

Subconscious Reprogramming

Incredibly Relaxed

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy mp3s:

Perfectly Calm and Relaxed


Self-Healing Light

Deep, Sound, Peaceful Sleep

Hypnotic EFT

Incredibly Relaxed Destresser

Quiet Mind Meditation

Rainforest Meditation

Creative Writer

Morning Day Planner

End Fingernail Biting

Just click on the Add to Cart button below to purchase the EZ Super Bundle. That's all 14 mp3s for $19.95.

EZ Super Bundle - $19.95

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