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Hypnotic EFTHypnotic EFT is an mp3 that merges two of the most effective therapy techniques available today, hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This mp3 is designed to help people deal with negative emotional feelings: stress, fear, anger, worries, etc. Hypnotic EFT can work as a versatile tool for dealing with a variety of issues.

EFT is an easy-to-learn self-help tool for releasing negative energy. Combine that with hypnosis techniques and it gives you a comprehensive tool to help deal with a variety of negative emotional issues. Making powerful changes often requires you to change both your thoughts and your energy in relationship to the emotional problem you're seeking to change.

 EFT works by smoothing out disruptions (emotional disturbances) in the body's energy field in relationship to specific issues. The first step in EFT entails visualizing the event or circumstance that causes the emotional upset in order to bring up the emotional disruption in the body's energy field, then tapping the various energy field endpoints to smooth out that same disruption. This may take several sessions. But once the disruption has been smoothed out, the negative feelings are gone and rarely return. Studies have shown that EFT has an amazing record of success in dealing with emotional issues.

While EFT is a simple process, it does require memorizing ten energy field endpoints. Please read the instructions for EFT listed below.

Step One - You will create an Acceptance Statement that describes your specific issue. Acceptance statements should be short and simple and to the point. Some examples: I am terribly shy around women; I am afraid of flying; I get nervous when I go out on a date; etc. Each of these examples are short, descriptive statements about a specific issue.

Step Two - You will create a Full Acceptance Statement. Full acceptance statements always begin with the phrase "Even though..." followed by your acceptance statement, and then followed by the phrase, "...I love and accept myself completely. " So, if your acceptance statement is "I get nervous when I go out on a date," your full acceptance statement would be, "Even though I get nervous when I go out on a date, I love and accept myself completely."

Step Three - Now that you have an acceptance statement and full acceptance statement, you're ready to listen to the Hypnotic EFT mp3 (and after you memorize the ten endpoints below). When the EFT section of the mp3 begins, you'll be asked to visualize the circumstance that brings up the negative emotional feeling you want to let go of. Make sure to allow the feeling to come up for you as strongly as you can.

Step Four - As you keep your issue in mind, you'll be asked to tap the Karate Chop endpoint as you repeat your Full Acceptance Statement. That's the statement that might go like this, "Even though I get nervous when I go out on a date, I love and accept myself fully." The only time you will be asked to repeat your full acceptance statement is when you are tapping the karate chop end point (which will happen twice).

Step Five - As you again keep your issue in mind, you'll be asked to tap the remaining nine energy field endpoints as you repeat your Acceptance Statement. Rod Sherwin's video below reviews the location of the energy field endpoints. The ten endpoints are: Karate Chop; Top of the Head; Eyebrow; Outer Eye; Below the Eye; Below the Nose; Above the Chin; Collarbone; Below the Armpit; and Inner Wrists.

Personally, I prefer using two fingers while I'm tapping (index finger and middle finger) except for the Top of the Head, the Collarbone, and the Below the Armpit endpoints (where, like Rod, I use the tips of four fingers). As a side note, the Liver Point is not included in the Hypnotic EFT mp3. It's difficult for women to locate and it's generally not necessary for most issues.

Step Six - After the first round of Hypnotic EFT, you will be given instructions for an eye movement technique designed to synchronize both hemispheres of your brain.

Step Seven - You'll go through a second round of the EFT procedure.

After the EFT section, you will begin the hypnosis section. Follow the instructions and suggestions given to you.

Watch the video a few times and you should have a pretty good understanding of the EFT procedure. Once learned, EFT can be practiced without having to use the mp3. When I use EFT, it rarely takes more than five minutes to go through a couple rounds.

The Hypnotic EFT mp3 is not designed to deal with traumatic-based issues. Traumatic issues are always best handled with the help of a qualified therapist or doctor.  Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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