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Self-Healing LightThe Self-Healing Light self-hypnosis mp3 is designed to utilize the power of your mind to assist in your body's healing. In addition to numerous suggestions promoting optimal health, there's a powerful visualization where you open your mind and body to receive a powerful, healing Light.

Below is a list of some of the techniques used in the Self-Healing Light mp3:

The first technique utilizes sending positive thoughts and feelings toward yourself. Studies have shown that this (loving yourself technique) aids in the healing process. A fractional relaxation which entails sending loving thoughts and feelings to each part of your body is used to send healing signals to the cells of your body.

Powerful visualizations and suggestions are used to influence your subconscious mind. A visualization using a brilliant pillar of healing light showers you..

"...with beautiful, healing light, cleansing and purifying every atom and cell, healing any and all damaged, diseased, or abnormal cells. Repairing, rebuilding, renewing and rejuvenating. And restoring all your cells to perfect health."

The light works as a metaphor, but you're the one who gets to decide what the "light" symbolizes. You can imagine the light as representing the Power of God or the Power of the Universe or the Power of the Mind. You get to choose exactly what the light represents to you.

Another visualization allows you to direct the healing light to a specific area that requires healing. In this visualization, you can create an appropriate healing statement to go with the healing visualization. Here's an example of a healing statement, "Light heals my lower back. Heals my back fully. My back is strong, healthy and flexible." Simple healing statements usually work best in communicating with your subconscious. Once you're finished with the visualization, you'll imagine a perfectly healthy version of yourself, living and enjoying your life fully.

Your willingness to believe is of critical importance. It's important to imagine your health improving. When you truly believe you're getting better, you're well on your way to getting better. For best effect, you should listen to this mp3 for at least month or more. This will vary according to your specific healing needs.

Keep in mind that hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention. This mp3 is intended as a supplement to proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your doctor before using this product. I've written some informational articles in support of the Self-Healing Light mp3. I strongly recommend reading them. They are Epigenetics, Self-Hypnosis, and Healing, along with Five Keys to Successful Self-Hypnosis, and Visualization Tips to Improve your Self-Hypnosis Skills.

The Self-Healing Light self-hypnosis mp3 is 20 minutes in length. The background music is a soft, beautiful ambient soundscape from Transparent Corporations royalty free Thought Sounds CD. Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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