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End Fingernail BitingBiting fingernails can be an embarrassing habit that can create unsightly nails. It is an unconscious habit that generally starts at a young age. To stop biting your nails, you will need to enlist the help of your subconscious mind. The End Fingernail Biting mp3 is a simple, effective session that uses your subconscious mind to help rid yourself of the fingernail biting habit.

During the session, your subconscious mind will be given the suggestion that you will become super aware and super sensitive of each movement of your hand to your mouth. You will even practice this new awareness during the session. And as you begin to move your hand toward your mouth, you will automatically stop the movement of your hand to your mouth. By following the suggestion to stop the movement of your hand to your mouth, you establish a new pattern of behavior. And each time you stop the movement, you further strengthen the new behavior.

The End Fingernail Biting mp3 is 10 minutes in length. The beautiful and soothing background music, Sphere, comes from Mick Cox. Even after you stop biting your nails, make sure to listen to the recording for another week or so to fully entrench the new subconscious habit. Please read our disclaimer page before purchasing any of our products. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our products.

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