Self-Hypnosis Techniques - Balloon Convincer

This technique is fairly common. It's a convincer that suggests that a helium balloon is attached to a subject's finger and that their hand and arm are so light, so airy, that the balloon is causing their arm and hand to rise up into the air.

Balloon Convincer Technique

Take a moment and raise your arm in front of you. Raise your arm up until it is straight in front of you and parallel to the floor. And with each breath, your arm and hand become more and more relaxed, feeling lighter and lighter as each moment passes. The relaxation is flowing from your shoulder down into your arm and into your elbow and all the way down into your hand and fingers. Notice how light and airy and relaxed your hand feels. Lighter and lighter and lighter... (pause 5 seconds) Your arm and hand and fingers are as light as a feather now. 

And notice now that a string is tied around your index finger. And notice that at the end of that string is a large helium balloon. Feel it tugging at your finger. And notice now that the balloon is causing your hand and arm to rise higher and higher, till your arm is pointing straight up in the air.

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