Self-Hypnosis Techniques: Conversational Hypnosis

This self-hypnosis technique, for the most part, evolved out of Ericksonia hypnosis--the branch of hypnosis named after Milton Erickson. This involves the use of indirect suggestion, double binds, and confusion techniques. And it has evolved even more since the days of Milton Erickson.

There is a formula (actually, I'm sure there are several formulas) for conversational hypnosis. Here's one formula: rapport; confusion; and suggestion. And here's how that might play out.

Let's say you're talking to someone and they're complaining about a cold they have. In any kind of hypnosis, the very first thing you do is establish rapport and trust. You can do this simply by agreeing with the person you're talking to. "That's too bad. Sounds like you have quite a cold there." Now, you've established rapport.

A double bind or (reverse action) occurs when a person is given a sentence or suggestion that has two suggestions or choices within it. In this case, people will respond to the stronger part of the sentence or suggestion. "Even though you have quite a cold there, you never know when (slight pause) you're going to feel better." This is a simple form of a double bind. Although not much of one since there is little conflict as to which statement or suggestion the person will choose. There's a statement about them having a cold (which their mind is focused on), and a statement that they're going to feel better. Somewhat contrasting statements. The "you're going to feel better" phrase is stronger because the person certainly would like to feel better. So their mind shifts from thinking about their cold to the prospect of feeling better. The sentence gave them the choice to continue to focus on the fact that they have a cold or to choose to focus on getting better.

Then, in a minute, you offer a suggestion. "You might be feeling better already." And they very well might be.

Steve G. Jones offers a comprehensive program on conversational hypnosis at his website - Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis.

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