Self-Hypnosis Techniques - Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

These are suggestions given during a hypnosis session and intended to be acted upon at a later time (after the hypnosis session). It's not unusual to use triggers to activate post-hypnotic suggestions.

Let's look at an example. There was a woman who wanted to quit biting her nails. Her motivation was clear. She wanted to grown long, beautiful nails that other people would admire. During the session, I gave her a post-hypnotic suggestion that whenever she would move her hands toward her mouth, she would become super aware that she was about to bite her nails. I gave her the suggestion that she would stop the movement of her hand to her mouth because of her powerful desire to grow long, beautiful nails that she would be complimented on. The trigger for this post-hypnotic suggestion was the movement of her hand(s) toward her mouth. The post-hypnotic suggestion worked because the woman had a strong desire to grow long, beautiful nails.

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