Self-Hypnosis Techniques - Visualization

Visualization is one of the most common and effective hypnosis techniques. Because the subconscious mind responds best to symbols and imagery, visualization is a key component to any hypnosis project.

To be successful in any hypnosis endeavor, it's critically important to visualize your success. By picturing yourself succeeding, you give your subconscious mind a blueprint for realizing your success. If you want to lose weight, see yourself as a slim, trim version of yourself. Visualize yourself exactly the way you want to look. Want to be more self-confident in social settings? Then imagine yourself being confident and calm in a variety of settings. Your subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between your inner visualizations or what you see and experience in the outer world. So the more you have that inner experience of being calm and confident, the more the old pattern of behavior (lacking confidence) begins to be pushed aside and replaced by the new pattern of behavior (calm and confident). Always keep in mind, to make your visualizations seem and feel as real as possible.

To learn more about visualization, read our Visualization Tips article.

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