Introduction to Self-Hypnosis Tutorial

This introductory section lists the recommended prerequisites for taking this Self-Hypnosis Training Tutorial.

There are two ways to approach practicing self-hypnosis. Some will feel more comfortable getting as much background knowledge as possible before practicing self-hypnosis. Others will likely prefer to skip all the reading and just do it. You get to choose which option is best suited for you. Many people have success with hypnosis while knowing little or nothing about it while others feel more comfortable gathering as much knowledge as they can.

For those who are looking for the quick, easy route, I still suggest reading the Five Keys to Successful Self-Hypnosis page which helps give you a clear understanding of what's required to succeed with hypnosis. Then you can mimic one of our free scripts or simply use affirmations along with a visualization. Then choose a self-hypnosis induction method or mp3 and you're ready to go.

And for those looking for a more comprehensive experience, there's plenty of reading material provided in the Learn Hypnosis section. You can also browse through self-hypnosis techniques and learn ways to deepen trances and use metaphors as well as many other techniques. Once finished with those sections, come back here for the self-hypnosis tutorial. Reading these sections will give you a solid understanding of hypnosis and how it works.

Once you have a solid understanding of hypnosis, you’re ready to get started. This tutorial will help guide you through the process of creating your own hypnosis script and help prepare you for your first self-hypnosis session. As we guide you through each step, we’ll actually create a sample script to give you an idea of how to create your own script. Simply mimic the process and create your own self-hypnosis script. The script created here is a medium length self-hypnosis script--short-to-medium length scripts are more appropriate for self-hypnosis. Ready? Let’s get started.

Click here to move to the Five Keys to Successful Self-Hypnosis section.

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