Setting the Stage

Here, you will create an environment for your self-hypnosis practice and develop (if you choose) a self-hypnosis ritual.

This can be an important aspect of the self-hypnosis experience. Begin by finding a comfortable spot where you can have some privacy and won’t be disturbed. A bed, a couch, or a comfortable chair are some good choices. If you’re someone who falls asleep easily, you probably shouldn't choose a bed or a couch as your self-hypnosis spot. A comfortable chair would be a more appropriate choice. If you happen to be a meditator, you might use a meditation posture on a comfy pillow. After finding a private, comfy spot, make sure the ringer on the phone is turned off. 

Making your self-hypnosis practice into a ritual can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your self-hypnosis practice. Why? Because once your self-hypnosis practice becomes a ritual, your subconscious mind will recognize your self-hypnosis ritual as a time that has been set aside for making powerful changes in your life. And your subconscious will do everything in its power to assist you to be successful in your self-hypnosis practice. You can create a self-hypnosis ritual by practicing your self-hypnosis at the same time every day, in the same place, and adding little ritualistic touches like lighting candles or incense (whatever pleases you).

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